Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

I miss my LJ, part II

Edited 4/25/2008 at 9:57pm

Oh we are so short-handed at work; the morning shift has been down approximately 5 directors: a spot that was vacated by a firing last summer that never got filled; a guy that quit recently; one has been very extremely sick the past 2 weeks; one who had a heart attack earlier this week; and another whose aunt died. Anyway, long story short, the slack falls on the evening directors and people's days off to pick up. Yesterday I directed three hour-long shows: ABC 6am, ABC 10am, and NBC 4pm, with no sleep in-between. I'm making a note of this so I can come back to it for the occasional ego-stroking, because let me tell you this was no small feat to pull off. I did all that yesterday on 1 hour of sleep that I stole after my regular shift the night before. Ridiculous; that's all anyone does, we shake our heads and mutter, "Ridiculous." It really feels like Bob (our boss) has cut off his nose to spite OUR faces, because all the long hours we pull is mainly to cover his butt for not hiring people in order to keep this from happening.

As it is, right now I'm preparing to work a full-length shift beginning at around 4am, and after that I'll work the first half of my normal night shift from 3pm to about 7pm.

Ridiculous, yes.

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