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Wish I was at the beach today!

I stepped outside to tend to the doggies. I didn't really notice it at first with Sattva because it didn't take him long to do his business. But Bodie just kept standing there, staring off into space, occasionally lifting his nose to sniff the air. He would languidly turn his head one way, following a distant noise, then turn his head the other way. I swear he was soaking up the sunshine.

I stayed in the shade, close to the house, observing him and urging him to "go potty!". Eventually I walked down to the dock where he was standing, looked down at him and told him to hurry up and do his business. I stood there a few minutes, before sitting down on the steps, and then I was done. I sat there in the warm sunshine, feeling the breeze wash over me ... ahhhhhh. Then I really wished I was heading to the beach!

So you know what I did? I found my beach-iest t-shirt, put on my shell necklace, and slathered suntan lotion on me, just so I'd smell like I was going to the beach! It worked! I feel so relaxed, and it put me in a great mood.

Here's a random thought - I think I'm going to find a new layout to use ...


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May. 7th, 2008 04:21 pm (UTC)
Ever since I got back from Goa, I've been wishing I was heading to the beach. :P Even though I live in a coastal city, lol, the beaches there were something else.

But that is a great idea! Doing something that reminds you of what you'd rather be doing. I think I'll do that sometime!
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