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I have to tell you about something I had the pleasure to witness tonight. I'm sitting here in the production hall, answering emails, and people sitting around here are watching America's Got Talent on the TV. If you've ever watched the show you know that part of the draw is comprised of the very BAD acts who think they've got something to offer, such as the father and son kissing the head of a python ... as the cynic judge put it (I can't remember his name), "Where's the talent in that?" It's just plain foolish.

After you watch a series of "acts" like that parade across you kind of tune it out. Occasionally I would lift my head and see what was on stage but for the most part my emails held my interest more than anything else.

Until I heard the sweet sounds of "Chain of Fools" being sung, and I look up and see this beautiful woman singing her heart out and completely wooing the judges and the audience ... and me! David Hasselhoff got up out of his seat he was enjoying it so much. Every single judge had nothing but good things to say to her, namely, "Where have you been hiding???" She was phenomenal. When Hasselhoff started gushing over her you saw her facial features change and you knew she was all choked up. By the time the cynic judge got to say his piece the woman had tears rolling down her cheeks.

So here is an American success story playing out before everyone's eyes. A hard-working mother of 3, her children waiting in the wings crying their eyes out because they knew their mother swept the entire crowd off their feet with her talent, finally, her REAL talent gets recognized, not just by industry professionals ... but by the whole world.

I got all choked up myself. It was a beautiful thing. She was remarkable, and lucky for us we'll get to hear more of her! She is going on to the next round, and unless something goes horribly wrong I imagine we'll be seeing her a lot in the coming weeks.

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