Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

The Ballad of Fay

For the past 3 days I have observed the "projected path" of this tropical storm Fay maintain a course directly over SWFL - where I live. The forecast is for Fay to achieve Category 1 status (maybe even Cat. 2) by the time she hits us. This will only be my 2nd honest-to-goodness hurricane/named-tropical-storm, but I think I speak for us all when I say I can't wait for it to be over with. It's such a gigantic hassle. It's not fun, well, maybe for the few brief hours when it really is too bad to go outside and the wind just howls and the rain goes exactly horizontal past your window, but afterwards it's nothing but cleanup. And waiting ... waiting for groceries to be re-stocked, waiting for price gouging to go away, waiting for power to come back on, waiting for the curfew to be lifted so you can go home ... yeah, I don't understand the hurricane "parties" that people throw. I don't much feel like celebrating.

I will get overtime for working. I got called in today to begin our 12-on/12-off shifts. I was supposed to have today off. Maybe if I was boarded up in my home would I feel better about toughing out a hurricane, but I have to be out working in it, informing the public of the danger and the information they need to know. And persisting throughout all of this will be the nagging feeling that we're forgetting something, and the pressure to not screw up, to not make a mistake ...

... so now on top of the pressure we're feeling due to perform because of the eyeballs we have on our Olympics coverage, now we have to juggle that with hurricane coverage.

Not fun! *frowns*

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