Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Gardening, veganism, and living in America

I am beginning to wonder if the book on container gardening that I bought at a book and bake sale a year ago was a little more than coincidence.

Although I have yet to actually fill a pot with dirt and grow something, I've been doing quite a lot of research. (One conclusion I've drawn is that I need to just do it, and quit analyzing it, and just live with whatever mistakes I may make, but more on that later.) My research, both into container gardening - or gardening period - and into veganism, has led me to some rather interesting findings to say the least.

The first thing I noticed is how difficult it is to get anything growing on my own. Not as easy as it is to say, buy a burger at McDonald's. I really wonder how many people besides me question why that is? Doesn't that seem odd? Why is information on public health and nutrition so minimal and skimpy?

Not to mention just plain flawed?

Today my research has truly come full circle. One common piece of advice that cropped up among many gardening advice articles I came across was to contact your county agricultural extension for specifics on garden pests, which pesticides are most effective, and good growing times, among other things. So I went and looked up the ag-extension for my county, Lee County, Florida. There I found many helpful links, not the least of which pertaining to residential lawns and gardens ... but nothing about growing one's own vegetables. In fact the most I found was pertaining to tomatoes, but it wasn't for growing them, it was about tomato diseases. Now, if I want to grow beautiful, lush, flower and butterfly gardens, there are volumes of information about that on the website.

Long story short, because I am fast running out of time: why can't I learn how to grow my own vegetable garden? Why do I feel like I have to keep it a big secret? Why does it seem like a few big corporate entities own all the real estate on sunshine? Everybody knows Florida is probably the most ideal climate to grow anything all year 'round. There should be NO starving people down here - at all. Up in the northern climes, that's understandable. But in Florida?? That is downright unacceptable to me!

More on this subject for sure. I have run out of time tonight, but I'm not done, and I won't rest until there's some reform here.
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