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Update on the amaryllis

First of all - sorry for the outrageous size on the pictures below! Sure it shows some wicked good detail, but at what cost to the quality of this blog post? Oh well, I was so excited to be taking pictures that I forgot to check the image size I was taking pictures in!
This is an update to how my amaryllis is doing: in the pictures below you'll see the first leaves just starting to show - this is so exciting to me! Not just one but two leaves!! I've always had so much trouble growing things before and I think it's because I never gave my plants any food. Duh! I picked up Miracle-Gro "Bloom Booster Flower Food" at Target and just started feeding it last Thursday morning - today is Sunday, which is when I snapped the pictures below! Amazing results already! I really wasn't expecting to see anything so quickly ... but I don't know if it's from the food or just the fact that I started paying some attention to it.

Next: I need to re-pot it yet again, find some coir to add to it because it just doesn't have enough soil as it is right now. I may need to either cut back the roots or find a bigger pot, too. The other plants in there are succulents I don't know the name of (came with the townhouse we live in, from previous tenant). I snipped what you see off of another plant, but I think they may be getting too much sun. I don't think the top leaves are supposed to be so red; notice the leaves underneath are greener? They've been shaded by the upper leaves with the way I had them placed in the sun. Or it could be because I shouldn't have stuck those snippings into soil; or it could be they don't like the plant food. Who knows, it'll probably be a long time before I find out for sure.

Anyway, enjoy the pics! I'm so very proud of the progress. When I began this project there were NO leaves showing - not even a tip. No green to be seen whatsoever, and this is what has been accomplished in under a week ...

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