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Just another manic ... Tuesday??!?!!

Actually, as far as workdays go, today wasn't too bad. I think I could get used to this business of working Tuesday through Saturday! Wednesdays are usually hectic and crazed for some unknown reason, but this way, when I come in tomorrow, I'll already be in the swing of things. That's why I like starting my week on Tuesday better than starting it on Wednesday.

Well, I wanted to write something about one of our news stories, but alas, I let too much time go by. Now I just want to lay my head down on my pillow and dream that I'm in a land far, far away, where the temperature NEVER goes below, oh, 75 degrees. Ever. (I don't honestly know why I say such things; I'm perfectly okay with January and the snow, wind, ice, cold temps. It's just that I like warm weather so much better.)

I just have to say, as I've said before, it is so nice to be able to write in this journal again! I'm glad I got over being scared; it was dumb anyway, and I'm glad it passed quickly. Scared that I would go take a gander at the ex-boyfriend's LJ. He's just stupid anyway, and I'm glad that's OVER with.

It's fun to play with this and really make it my own. I've decided to take a clue from heartofarsenic who has the most brilliant LJ I've seen (see the link to the left). I think he/she makes the best use of this forum -- all the pictures are of his/her dog, and it's written in Francais, as if the dog speaks it (although if you ask heartofarsenic, he/she will tell you it's true). :) I just think it's such a great idea; if I EVER get a digital camera and a computer, and a thousand million bucks, and the world with a fence around it (as my mom would say), then I'm going to make my cats the stars of this show!

Especially considering what the subtitle of this journal is: "A Tale of Two Kitties".

Pasha, and Her Royal Majesty, Alixandra Marina Bosanova Constantinople. Although I just call her Marina for short. :)

Tomorrow -- actually, today, technically -- is my dear mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!! She is a really sweet old soul. I wish I was planning to take her out to Carrabba's (sp?) for fine dining and birthday cake. I think she'd really like Carrabba's. Goodness knows, she deserves it. Well, maybe next time I go down to visit, I'll take her there for belated birthday celebrations.

Good night, moon. Good night spoon. Good night cow jumping over the moon...

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