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Ann Coulter, if you're reading this ... you are my hero! :)

I would love to add this to your list of favorite quotes:

"Am I the only person in America who likes BOTH John Kerry and George W. Bush???" --Bill Clinton, at the dedication of his new library.

Answer: Yes. Yes, you lying S.O.B., you ARE the only person in America who likes BOTH of them!!!

Here's a query: what if legislation got passed that said, omigosh, now a person can be elected to THREE terms as President!!!

I wonder who Clinton's favorite Presidential candidate would be then???

(For those of you honestly wondering -- Answer: himself.) (And I seriously doubt he would have anything remotely gracious to say about George W. Bush.)

Y'know, I have to say, for the record ... I was more than a little disappointed over what the President said today regarding the tragedy of the Marines killed in the sand storm. He said, "Yes, it's tragic that these lives were lost; but we have to focus on the --" Aaarrgghhh. Low blood sugar combined with earlier aggravation equals memory loss. I can't directly quote him, but he said something like, we have to focus on the outcome of this war! or something like that.

I was like ... are you kidding me??? That sounded so calloused, even for me. I mean, I defend much of what comes out of George W. Bush's mouth, but I can't defend this one.

What he SHOULD have said: "Yes, this horrible tragedy is incomprehensible ... and all the more reason why we must never take our eyes off the goal of this war, so that those lives were not lost in vain. We must work that much harder and make ourselves that much more dedicated to seeing this war to a positive resolution -- in honor of all our fallen soldiers, the ones who died on this horrible day, the ones who have died since this war began, and the ones who are going to die, because they are much more courageous than most of the rest of us!"

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