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Credo, and a goodly weird dream

Frank the goat's wearing ever-so-festive Christmas lights!

That's not my credo, by the way.

This is:

God alone is perfection.

I live my life striving for that kind of Perfection, knowing I will never achieve it, and in so doing, I hope to gain wisdom, and make the world a better place to live. Faith, hope, and love; the most important of these is love. The Golden Rule: love one another. All things in moderation. You wanna know who and what I am? This is me.

In other news, I awoke out of one weird dream this morning. Well, the dream itself wasn't weird, but the fact that I dreamt it is.

In the dream, I was late to work. Not just late -- I mean, late. Someone else (who I knew in the dream, but not someone in my real life, and certainly not someone who works at WOOD) was TD-ing, and this worried me to no end, because I'd never been that late before, and I just knew I was going to get fired.

The control room was more fabulous than I can adequately describe. It looked *NOTHING* like the control room I work in in real life. For starters, it was *huge* -- quite expansive, kind of reminded me of the control room I used to work in back home, at NBC-24, WNWO Toledo. Believe me, if the GM and ND could have seen the control room I was in in my dream, they would have been quite impressed! Not to mention my boss -- he would have been ga-ga over it, it was so impressively equipped, and so *HUGE*!!! (Yeah, this is one area of life where size *does* matter!)

Gerry Barnaby was in my dream, come to think of it. He said 'hi' to me, just like he would in real life. He had a fabulous desk, too, I remember that.

I don't remember anything more than that. It's weird that I would have a dream like that, because in the 5+ years I've been working in the news industry, I've never had a dream about it. At least, not in the, scared-to-make-a-mistake, scared-of-being-fired sense.

And that's why the dream was weird.

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