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Cheesy 80s music and a few headlines

I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that cheesy 80s music is a fact of life.

I thought -- hopefully -- that maybe it was just another one of those vicious trends we all must suffer... but today I realized that just isn't true.

I realized this while I waited for an Alltel Customer Service Rep. to take my call. I listened to song after song, and just when I thought I was going to scream, it hit me -- this is never going away. It's part of our fabric of life, unfortunately. Those glossy, high-produced, bubblegum-pop songs from the Reagan era. It makes me homicidal, that's the truth, but what can I do???

Make sure the damn battery on my phone is charged so I can get through quicker, and bypass that antagonizing music!!!

Some big stories today:

Popular schoolteacher appears in court

Schoolteacher at Baseline Middle School (South Haven, MI) made a court appearance today after charges were brought against her that she had a sexual relationship with one of her 14-year-old students. The student is female, and also *not* the one who brought the charges. The teacher's name is Elizabeth Miklosovic, and was described by the Principal of Baseline as being one of the "popular" teachers among all the students.

Meth addicts on the run

There are 5 young people running as fugitives tonight. They are considered armed and dangerous. They were busted with having a full-blown meth lab in their trashed home in Montcalm Co., MI, are believed to be headed to Nebraska or Iowa, and Michigan State Police Detective Sally Wolter said their desperation is what makes them so dangerous. They are desperate because they are addicted to methamphetamine, the drug they used their lab to make. They escaped with nothing but their guns and their addiction. Wolter believes unsuspecting people crossing paths with the five fugitives might be potential victims, so getting the information out about these fugitives is imperative.

Case against CyberNET of Grand Rapids continues

More papers released in the case against CyberNET of Grand Rapids. Today a 54-page affidavit was released, shedding more light on the demise of the IT company. Apparently, founder and CEO of CyberNET Barton Watson wasn't just a fraud -- the company was caught up in a "multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme", which means they were taking out bigger and bigger loans to pay off other loans, and also to finance their luxuriously posh lifestyle. The night Barton Watson committed suicide, he is reported to have been getting drunk on $700 bottles of wine, according to the 9-1-1 emergency call he placed. WOOD TV-8 in Grand Rapids shared provocative details of that phone call, during which a gunshot was heard, but it was not the one that took his life. The President of CyberNET, Jim Horton, made his first appearance in court yesterday. He too had a hand in the scheme, allegedly wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to various people within the company, and also family members. This case proves to be a long and arduous one, as the fraud extends back to the 1980s according to FBI reports, and lawsuits are being filed constantly by companies that did business with CyberNET, trying to salvage what they can.

Tom Brokaw's last night

Brian Williams, the new anchor for NBC Nightly News, took over what used to be Tom Brokaw's place at the anchor desk tonight for the first time officially. He closed tonight's broadcast with some thought-provoking and insightful words of reassurance to his viewers. He talked about how he intends to continue the legacy of hard work left by Mr. Brokaw saying, "For those of us fortunate enough to have shared a newsroom, and a calling, with Tom Brokaw, it was not quite the same today..." Mr. Williams acknowledged the hard work needed to get the story just right, hard work that Mr. Brokaw embodied and embraced, each and every night. He also spoke quite humbly and graciously of his co-workers, paying particular attention to the hard-working team that works behind the cameras to put together the newscast that we watch every night. All in all, he painted a picture of hope and enthusiasm for his new job, and he promises to be a worthy successor to the chair made familiar by Tom Brokaw all these years. Mr. Williams, welcome aboard! It's good to have you, and I personally look forward to watching NBC Nightly News every bit as much as I did with Mr. Brokaw at the helm!

And that's all for this edition of news from West Michigan, on this Thursday evening, December the 2nd... good night.

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