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"For God so loved the world..."

I know what I want for Christmas.

It can't be bought at a store -- although many stores claim to sell it.

It can't be put in a box or a bag, although people try to do just that. It can't be gift-wrapped, shipped, mailed, tied up with string, or put under an elaborately decorated Christmas tree.

It is absolutely free... although many people never get it.

Sometimes it comes in the form of a person's arms... although it cannot be held.

It's available year-round, but curiously, has only a couple notable days on the calendar devoted to it.

In order to get it, you have to give it away.

It is the one thing that seems to elude me, and a lot of people.

What I want for Christmas this year, is simple:

I want love.

I want love for the whole entire world. I want the whole entire world to feel loved, secure, wanted, missed, well-fed, happy, hopeful, peaceful... but most of all, I wish love on this world. I wish love on the U.S.A., I wish love on Iraq, I wish love on Israel, I wish love on Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Polynesia, the North Pole, the South Pole, from the Land Down Under to the Yukon Territories, from Great Britain to the shores of Montezuma, East of the Mississippi, West of the Mississippi, Canada, Mexico, Africa, the Mediterranean...

Merry Christmas, world.

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