December 3rd, 2004

Long road home

Words to live by

"Resentment is when you take poison, and hope the other person dies."

--Susan St. James, Dick Ebersol's wife, actress. Advice given to her now-dead son, Teddy. Teddy Ebersol, age 14 died in a plane crash earlier this week. He is survived by another brother whose name I forget right now, his father Dick, and his mother, Susan St. James. She shared this reflection with Tim Russert in an interview which aired on the "Today" show this morning.

"A real hero is someone who does the right thing when no one is looking."

I heard this tonight on a sitcom, but I don't remember which one. It was either Third Watch or Medical Investigation. I think it was Third Watch, to tell the truth. Yes, in fact I am certain of it, the more I think about it. I would go look these things up that I am forgetting, were it not for the fact that there is a damn breakdown in our internet connection here at work, and internet access is unusually slow. So phooey.

Besides, I couldn't be tireder, and I honestly do not know why I continue to sit here and stare at this computer screen, when all I really wanna do is go home, and go to bed.

Although a friend of mine from my church sent me an email tonight about the now-famous story about Albert Einstein explaining the existence of God to his smarmy university professor. Cold is the absence of heat; darkness is the absence of light; evil is the absence of God. Reading that was oddly comforting.

I absolutely *love* simplicity.

And now I simply MUST go home, before I collapse...