December 28th, 2004

Long road home

Shift two clicks right and down

My, my, my ... I had so much to write. Put a blank page in front of me and it all runs away.

So much sad news to report the last couple days. What a lousy Christmas this has been for some people. I mean, it hasn't been for me personally but then again, I do feel badly for the people who have had a lousy holiday. If everyone isn't celebrating, then noone should be celebrating.

But since this latest report on the earthquake and tsunami, and then the ridiculous snowfall last week, not to mention the hurricanes a couple of months ago... this is going to go down as the year of Natural Disasters. But I mean horrible natural disasters. "Mother Nature" has taken so many lives, so many precious lives, and it just seems so unfair... as if so many countries hosting the war in Iraq, where people are dying both involuntarily AND voluntarily, isn't enough.

Oh, I should write some happy news in here.


Yesterday, I took Pasha to the vet to get her sutures removed. However, we didn't simply go to the vet and back... no, no, no, Pasha and I had ourselves an adventure!!!

We went to the vet via Grand Rapids interurban transit authority -- we took the bus.

I must admit, Pasha was quite the trooper. I should probably feel badly for taking her out into such cold temps (it was around 18 degrees when we went out), and on the return trip we had to stand outside -- not moving -- for almost 15 minutes. I had her in her kitty carrier -- pardon me, limousine -- and although I did have a warm fleece blanket in there with her, and not like she doesn't have a fur coat of her own, she NEVER goes outside. Not when it's warm, not when it's cold, she is indoors 100% of the time.

So not only was the cold a consideration, but being on street level with no window and front yard between her and the traffic, nothing but a thin plastic cage between her and the big trucks roaring by ... as if that weren't enough, then I took her into one of those big 'trucks'!! I can only imagine what must have been going through her kitty mind as we stepped onto that hulking mass of bus. It was probably something like, "This is it, I'm going to die. My owner hates me, and now I'm going to die!!!"

But she didn't die. In fact, she didn't utter so much as a "meow" the entire trip. I left her side to talk to the bus driver about exactly how close he could drop us off to our destination, but I was always in her view, and it was so warm on the bus, I don't think she minded a bit. I know she was fine because she blinked at me, one of those contented, I'm-so-cozy blinks. Well, it was warm on the bus.

Unfortunately for my arms, I had to walk a few blocks to and from the vet. I actually had to walk farther to catch the bus for the ride home, in addition to standing outside for nearly 15 minutes. And in all that time, not a peep from braveheart Pasha. She was a bonafide trooper through it all!!

And what's so funny is, as soon as I let her out of her cage after we got home, she made a beeline for her food bowl, and started chowing down! HA!!! I couldn't help but see the irony in that: I was the one who did all the work! All she had to do was sit tight and enjoy the ride!!!

I guess being scared for your life does give you an appetite, though.

I'll tell you what I found out from this trip (besides the fact that carrying a 20-pound package nearly ten blocks in 18-degree weather, if you're not used to that, will give you some *really*, freakishly sore arm muscles!!): this town is *full* of cat people. Nothing strikes up a conversation better than a cat in a carrier, apparently. Unfortunately, one of those 'conversationalists' barely let me get a word in edgewise, and I found out all about his divorce, too. How nice.

And the funny thing is, all the people who shared their cat stories with me were men over the age of 40, possibly over the age of 50. And looking at them, I guarantee they wouldn't have said one word to me if I'd either been alone or carrying a child in my arms or had any other kind of domesticated animal with me.

I find that funniest of all about that trip. A small, furry feline will open up the most hardened of hearts, sure enough! Or seemingly hardened; the lines in the face are a dead giveaway, though. :)
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