February 6th, 2005

Long road home

They call me ...

Apparently, I am not un-nicknamable (a word almost as difficult to say as it is to type). I am "Skillet". This is the first time in my life I've ever -- no, I take that back. I had a nickname in 6th grade which shall not be known to anyone if I can help it.

But this new nickname that's been bestowed upon me ... well, it's like a proclamation of brotherhood. It's like the guys here at the station have declared, "It's okay; we like you too." It's not like the 6th grade nickname I had, which was used against me derogatorily; well, truthfully, for all I know they might mean "Skillet" derogatorily, but I'm not in 6th grade anymore, and I'll take what I can get at my age.

It's actually quite an homage that my bestowers don't even realize. The man who was my first love (albeit not in real life) and who is also responsible for inspiring me to take up acting and then drumming: Micky Dolenz's nickname was "Skillet", as in, "Skillet-features". Davy Jones gave him that nickname because he thought that Micky's profile looked like someone slammed him in the face with a skillet. It's true; when you look at Micky Dolenz from the side, his forehead, nose and chin are all lined up on the same plane of space.

Nobody at work knows my love affair with the Monkees, or if they do, knowing Micky Dolenz's nickname from those days is so obscure you'd have to be a die-hard Monkees fan to even know it, let alone to know what sort of importance that has for me.

In other news ... my workout yesterday turned out the way I expected it would. I am sore all over today, but luckily, not debilitatingly so. In fact, when I do move around, I actually feel rejuvenated and look forward to whatever I'm going to do tomorrow. This is good. This is very good, and I have a good feeling I might actually stick to a routine this time. It's way too soon to tell, of course, but I just have a good feeling about this just the same.

This is the plan: month 1 -- unstructured workouts three times a week, incorporating cardio, strength and flexibility exercises as I see fit. The only real goal this month is to get moving, whether I'm indoors or out, high-impact or low, biking or yoga.

Month 2 -- Start to set some more defined goals within my workout, i.e., shoot for a certain number of repetitions, and/or lapse of time per movement. I might also start doing pushups this month. If not, then for sure in

Month 3 -- Review and revise goals from last month, increase or decrease time as needed. Of course, evaluation will be constant from day to day, but the plan at this juncture anyway is to use month 3 as a way of measuring progress.

Y'know, if I was smart I'd take pictures of my progress along the way. Eh, I could also be content to just record my progress on paper. Having pictures would be highly motivating, though. I'll have to think about that one.

Let's see, month 3 takes me to the beginning of May. Maybe by then I'll have some extra money to change up my routine a little bit, such as, buying new videos, or maybe joining a club with a pool. Lord, I haven't been swimming in I don't know how long. I think going swimming would be a great incentive for me. I won't feel bad about being seen in public in a swimsuit if I actually see my goal through to completion!! After three months I ought to be looking pretty good!

Or else, I'll be feeling so good, I won't really care what I look like in a swimsuit.
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