April 6th, 2005

Long road home


I feel I must correct myself from the last entry I made. I haven't read any comments, if anyone's made any, at the time of this writing, so if you've made a comment, rest assured I will respond to them. :)

In the last entry, I made a comment about being anti-contraception. The truth is, when I made that statement I wasn't thinking very deeply about it; I just felt like I needed to *add* something to the assertion I was making (that assertion being, that I support the late Pope John Paul II on so many of his stands).

I also made a comment that the cardinals under him are "bumbling idiots".

Well, guess what??? After going to so much trouble I then read Monday's copy of USA Today, their "Commemorative Edition" celebrating the life and times of the Pope, and they had a great many well-written articles that, after reading them, made me wince at the ignorance of my last entry.

Let it stand that I *DO* support contraceptive use -- I am, and always have been, pro-life, but I do support contraceptives, and it is my estimation that using a combination of contraception and EDUCATION by the truckloads would do well to prevent abortions. Yes, yes, I am all for contraception!!! And that includes, in case you're wondering, the morning-after pill. As long as it comes with a heaping dose of education!!

The other thing I read were some mini-bios on the cardinals who might potentially become the next Pope. I was delighted to see that of the candidates is from Africa!!!

More later, as I've run out of time...

*Later, as in 12:41am ...

Yes, about my comment about the cardinals under the Pope being "bumbling idiots" ... in making that comment I showed just what an ignorant American I am. As if the *ONLY* cardinals are American. And for that matter, as if the American cardinals ARE idiots! I mean, how the hell do I know, anyway? It was purely an emotionally charged reaction, not very well thought-out at all. I really need to quit doing that. One of these days. Maybe I should put it on my "to-do" list, Lol.

The articles I read in the USA Today paper really humbly opened my eyes. Turns out America and Austria are the only two countries to have suffered the sex abuse scandal -- that was a pretty sobering fact! I got an email today that actually gave me a *TON* of ammo to support some of the points I made in that last entry, but I'll save that for another time.

But I mean, how could I have blindly overlooked the fact that there are so many countries out there with representation at the Vatican?

Not only that, but I pretty much did what I bet everyone who has ever called themselves 'Catholic' is doing: the Pope dies, and suddenly everyone's an expert on the Catholic church. And in falling into that trap of thinking, I showed just what a bumbling idiot *I* am.

'Nuff said.