April 30th, 2005

Long road home

Last day of the cruel month of April

I only have *20 minutes* left to post something before the new month starts! And I've been doing so well at getting my sorry butt in bed at a more 'reasonable' hour, which usually means sacrificing some valuable journal posting time that I would normally do after my shift ends. However, yesterday I got up at 9:30am, and today I awoke at 8:20am! I'd set my alarm for 9:30, but I figured since I was awake, why not just get up?

As such, I *will* keep this short, because I don't think I have the energy to write too much, anyway.

And I haven't really had anything profound to say lately, either. I don't always like what I come up with when I'm typing just to fill space. *Just* to make an entry so the date will highlight on the calendar off to the right there.

However, there has been a recent news development here in West Michigan that has held my attention for more than a few minutes, and that is the story of the little old lady who was beaten -- yes, you read correctly, beaten -- for her purse. And the perps? Two WOMEN! The way I understand it, they were fairly young women, in their 20s. Well, guess what happened? The little old lady -- who was 81 years old, by the way -- died this evening. So what started out as strong-armed robbery has now turned into a murder charge.

How dumb can you be? What could possibly be so important that you would risk murder charges??? It makes you wonder. And apparently the store cameras (this happened in a Meijer parking lot in a little Grand Rapids suburb called Wyoming) didn't capture the act -- they were out of range. Were these women looking to get money for drugs? Were they on drugs and looking for some excitement?

Personally, I doubt the women who attacked Margaret Herrema had any intention of killing her. When you're young and dumb and feeling invincible, you figure anyone over the age of 80 must ALSO be invincible too. Herrema struggled with the women; she didn't fling her purse at them and tried to get away. She put up a fight. Perhaps the young women were amazed that she would do that.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to defend these stupid women. Maybe I'm just looking for the best side of this situation: I find it hard to believe that these women wanted to commit murder.

On the other hand, if the prosecution is successful in proving that the young women didn't care one way or the other whether Herrema died or not, then I imagine they'll get a pretty stiff sentencing, as well they should. I just don't think purse snatchers are murderers. Very, very stupid, but murderers? No.

In any event, I think anyone would agree that these young women learned their lesson the hard way.

That is, *hopefully* they've learned something.
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