May 1st, 2005

Long road home

Happy May! And a really good story about changing your name

Wow, if ya'll judge me by my subject titles alone, ya'll must think I'm abnormally happy. Such is not the case. I'm only normally happy. And I blame it on the drugs.


On Ellen's show last Friday (4/29) one of her guests was a teacher she was recognizing as part of her Teacher Appreciation something-or-other. The teacher's extraordinary job well done was, for me, overshadowed by the story of how she changed her name.

Her given name was "Dolly". She changed it to Christianna, pronounced, kris-tee-AH-nuh, not kris-tee-ANN-uh. Even more interesting than that was the reason she gave for why she changed her name. As she put it, she felt the name "Dolly" was something you give either a "French poodle" or "someone more well-endowed than I'll ever hope to be", and for $200 she went and had her name legally changed to something she felt was more befitting for her.

I say, you go girl! It has inspired me to change my name ... whether I will or not is another story. It's one thing to be compelled by a deep, inner conviction to manifest change in one's life. Quite another to manifest change from simply being inspired.

And I don't see anything wrong with keeping my name the same. I just really admired Christianna's conviction to be true to herself.
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