May 31st, 2005

Long road home

Foggy my addiction

I am so sad that there is a whole entire week's worth of *unhighlighted* days on my calendar!! But I cannot complain; I was too busy having fun with my sister who risked her life on a Greyhound bus to come see me. Yay!! And fun we did have, let me tell you. I wish she would move up here so I could continue having fun on a regular basis.

I gotta say, I'm not in a journaling mood right now, although you'd think I would be. We had a kickass 11pm show tonight -- we just quite simply, kicked ass. The Pistons also kicked some Miami ass tonight, but man, it was not easy. And the streak is officially broken: went to see the Pistons at Z's the night they beat the Lakers for the NBA Championship, June 16, 2004; went to see the Pistons at Z's a week ago in game one of this series against Miami and they won; went to see the Pistons at Z's Sunday night and they lost; watched them here at work and they won. (Not that that has anything whatsoever to do with them winning, but still!) I can't decide whether to be very confused, or whether I should rejoice that they'll win no matter where I'm watching them (I think I'll go with the latter).

However, I did one *HELL* of a lot of walking today. I think I covered over two miles worth of walking today alone. Okay, that's not so much, maybe it just seems like a lot. But man. I should be more tired. I should be a *LOT* more tired; it'll probably hit me when my head hits the pillow. So why so much walking??? Two words: NO CAR. It took me two hours to accomplish what ordinarily would have taken me 30-45 minutes. Poop. Really made me appreciate having use of a car, today's antics in the forbidden zone did.

Or a motorcycle. Cripes!!!

To anyone reading my journal, be forewarned: I'm giving serious thought to renaming it. Don't worry, friends will be duly notified. It has more to do with how much I hate typing "ann15warsaw72" than anything. When I first started an LJ account I didn't realize how much more personal the usernames are, unlike usernames for just about anything else in cyberspace. I was fully expecting "annwarsaw" to be taken already, so I added the numbers to speed up the process, but I *really* hate typing that in, so now that I know how easy it is to change the name, be looking for that sometime in the future.

Other than that, I got nothin. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more inspired about SOMEthing...
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