June 9th, 2005

Long road home

Making headlines ...

No, I'm not kidding -- Support for Breastfeeding in Public

Apparently, some gal at the county clerk's office got teed off today when she was asked to do her breastfeeding somewhere else. Jennifer Seif felt she was harassed; the county clerk's office asserts they did not ask her to "leave", but asked Seif would she be more comfortable breastfeeding out in the lobby or somewhere else. Deputy Clerk Sonya Dean says the office received two complaints from other customers who were offended because Seif's breast was fully exposed.

Other breastfeeding mothers heard about it and in Seif's defense organized a "Nurse-In" (think "sit-in", ala 1969) during the lunch hour on Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids. The participating women called themselves "Lactivists".

Read the full story here: http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=3453951&nav=0Rcdaqtk
Or to watch the video: http://video.woodtv.com/index.php?video_id=820 (sorry boys, no naked boobies)

State-wide raids on Chinese restaurants, residences

Yesterday, our fearless news crew was sent out to do a story on some local residences and Chinese restaurants that were part of a state-wide raid by the Department of Homeland Security and Michigan State Police. The reasons cited for the raid are illegal immigrants, tax evasion and other crimes. The reason I say 'fearless' is because the photog and reporter were actually quite harassed when they were trying to shoot some video of one of the restaurants from across the street. It was completely ridiculous, and we got it all on tape and have been showing it in regular rotations. I don't know if you can still see the original story (probably not) but here's a link anyway: http://video.woodtv.com/ ... hmmm, after clicking on that link, scroll down and find the section titled "Most Watched 24 Hour News 8 Videos", then look for the story titled "Restaurants and Homes Raided Across the State". It's worth it, trust me. Good stuff.

Another Ozone Action Day in West Michigan

I don't know for sure, but I think tomorrow is going to be the 6th Ozone Action Day in a row (tomorrow being Friday). At 90 degrees, Cadillac, Michigan was hotter today than Miami, Honolulu and Palm Springs. Considering Cadillac never got hotter than 87 degrees last summer, that is really saying something.

Yes, it has been a scorcher this week. I can vouch for that. Why move to Florida when it seems Florida has moved up here instead? ;) As a result of so much heat the nights haven't exactly been cool, and the pop-up thunderstorms have been plentiful in these parts. Just today one city east of the Lansing area got over 3 inches of rain in under an hour. Right now (1 a.m. 6/10) as I type this the Live Doppler Radar is showing some serious downpours happening from Holland to Allegan (south of Grand Rapids). And consequently, I'm wondering if they're going to put me to work again.

The heat, humidity and chance for severe weather stays with us right through the weekend and into next week. Goody goody gum drops.

You know, I would just like to say I really wish all this great severe weather would at least hold off until next week, for the love of crumb cake! What's a girl gotta do to get some semblance of normal sleep?!?!?!?!????

In other weather news, our meteorologists have been tracking Tropical Strom Arlene in the Gulf of Mexico, hitting Florida's and Cuba's coast. Storm Team 8's Bill Steffen thinks there's a chance the storm just might track into Michigan, if it doesn't go to Cleveland instead. He said if that happens it will bring a LOT of much-needed moisture to our parched state.

Detroit Pistons Lose to San Antonio Spurs in Game One of NBA Championship Finals

Yeah, you notice I didn't put *THIS* story first! >:(

The Detroit Pistons did indeed meet their defensive match in the San Antonio Spurs, and how about Manu Ginobili!!! He scored 26 points and is partly the reason why the Pistons lost. Him and the fact that the Spurs simply dominated and gave the Pistons a taste of their own medicine. Larry Brown in the post-game press conference said they had not met defense all season such as the Spurs gave them tonight.

And if the Heat/Pistons matchup was a soccer game, then tonight's matchup was wrestling. One of the announcers said tonight's basketball game was a "game for men". The physicality was nothing short of brutal. If a player from either team managed to get the ball into the paint, he had a certain and dog-eat-dog fight on his hands, each and every time.

The Spurs managed to hold the Pistons to under 60-points going into the 4th quarter. That has to be an all-time low for the Pistons. The funny thing is, in the first quarter the Pistons led 17 to 4!! But then I think after that the Spurs realized what they were up against and what they had to do in order to win the game.

Well, in any event, it was an awesome game, no doubt about it. If tonight was a taste of things to come, basketball fans in general, but Pistons and Spurs fans especially, will get their fill and then some.


And oh yeah, I was delighted to see that Rasheed Wallace did an ID for our ABC affiliate. Someone, somewhere, got him to sit in front of a camera and say, "My ABC is WOTV 4!" Yay!! :)
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