June 15th, 2005

Long road home

And history is made

"It's in this moment
Hold on
When everything has come apart
It's in this moment
Right now
When it can come together

"Raise your sights
What's there to lose?
Fall in the light
Fall in the light
Fall in the light

"In all this trouble
Hold on
To the innocence with which you were born
Through so much struggle
Be strong
Find the faith you need to carry on

"It's a long night
You're not alone
Fall in the light
Fall in the light
Fall in the light

"Sweet air
It falls into place
Sun through the haze
Doesn't it feel a
Little like grace

"It's in this moment, Hold on
When everything has come apart
It's in this moment
Right now
When everything - come together

"Raise your soul
What's there to lose

"Fall in the light

(Hold on)
(I know you'll catch me)"

song: "Fall in the Light", by Lori Carson/Graeme Revell

Game 3 NBA Finals:

Pistons 96

Spurs 79

So the Pistons are down 2 games to 1; so what? Tonight, the Detroit Pistons were back and playing Dee-troit Bas-ket-baaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!!!!!

I made no predictions beforehand. I've gotten very big on lowering my expectations, it's a much better way to live I've decided, Lol! The chance for skull-thumping disappointment is much lower that way! (thank you c0rrupt0) :)

Two notable highlights among many:
    1) Ben Wallace's flashy slam-dunk in the opening seconds of the game, to score the first two points of the game and,

    2) the Pistons broke a record, but not one the Spurs particularly wanted them to break: in the last 13 Finals games the Spurs have played, they managed to hold their opponents to under 90 points!! (see score above for a memory refresher)

Take that Spurs!!!

In other news, tonight I was tape operator instead of technical director. Running tapes is always a nice break for me, gives me a chance to survey the newscast from a different point of view. It also gives me a break from being Lord of All Things Technical, which gives EVERYBODY a break! Lol

But possibly the best part about running tapes is, once I stick the tapes in the decks and get whatever tapes I'm using for whatever block of news arranged on top of the decks, I can sit back and ... watch the Pistons whip the Spurs in Detroit! I love my job sometimes!!!

I forget what else I wanted to write. Oh well. I'll probably remember as soon as I set foot in the door at home...
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    "Fall In the Light" Lori Carson/Graeme Revell
Long road home

The Attorney General

Right now as I type, the Attorney General of the State of Michigan, Mike Cox, is sitting in our studios doing a taped interview with our To The Point host, Rick Albin. How tempting is it to walk out of Control C, and into the studio to give him a piece of my mind about that whole business of denying health benefits to gay couples!!!

But I won't, because keeping my job is more important than being right, right now.

The next thing we will be doing is a satellite interview with NASCAR driver, Ryan Newman. Welcome to Wednesday at WOOD TV-8.

<4:11 pm>

So, I got to switch the Ryan Newman interview, which was sweet. Excuse me while I boast for a minute here: one thing I really pride myself on is interview timing. When you're doing a live or taped interview with someone like Ryan Newman, or Chris Kaman of the L.A. Clippers, or whoever, you have no idea when they're going to switch gears, when they're going to stop talking, what the interviewer's reaction is going to be. But I am really good at sensing the flow of conversation.

So there.