June 11th, 2006

Long road home


I am not feeling very good about myself tonight. I made some mistakes I shouldn't have made in the late newscast tonight, and I'm beating myself up over it. Probably because the other director turned in two clean shows tonight; both my shows had on-air mistakes.

It's so silly, isn't it??? I mean, sometimes the other director has discreps and I have clean shows, then how must she feel? (She probably doesn't even care...)

I am a mediocre director. I must work harder to overcome that. I pride myself on being reliable in the shows, and to the producers. I want the producers to feel confident when they have to work with me. I work at making myself available to them as much as possible from the time they start to build their shows right through until the show's done airing. But still it's not enough.


That's inscribed on the back wall of the Kuk Sool Won school here in Ft. Myers.

Oh well. Time to go home.


Introducing Sarelimar, a level 10 human warlock rampaging through the land of Azeroth in the virtual reality known as World of Warcraft.

I love my warlock character. The first time I played WoW on a trial account I played a Night Elf druid and a Night Elf priest, to levels 3 and 6 respectively. But I am loving the warlock. It's kind of an odd combination, me playing a warlock, because the background of the warlock is rather dark and evil. I still want to play a Night Elf character again, it's intriguing to me, especially the druid. But I love my Sarelimar.

I've met some of the most wonderful players so far, too, through the Guild I belong to Divine Retribution and also just through fortunate encounters with non-Guild members in the game. I am in GREAT company in the Guild. The whole game is absolutely awe-inspiring, every time I think about it. I hooked up with a high-level paladin last night who took me to places I never would have gone to otherwise and it was simply amazing! She also hooked me up with a wicked dagger and cool threads -- and helped me level rather quickly too.

The economy in this game is nothing short of amazing too. I love that this game is just as involved in it's 'peacetime' activities as it is for combat. I mean I loved playing City of Heroes/City of Villains, but World of Warcraft really trumps those worlds. And I don't feel like I have any right to be staking any sort of claim to it, because I never played it's previous incarnations like my husband and so many others did. So what, it's still the coolest pasttime I think I've ever had!

I keep thinking of my mom. I wish I could hook her up with the kind of computer I'm using so she could partake in the same experience as I am. I think she would really enjoy it.

Check out Divine Retribution (my husband is Gorbol): http://divineretribution.net
Click on "Profiles" to check out my toon, Sarelimar.