October 5th, 2006

Long road home

"Normal", or, We All Have Choices To Make

Huge, giant, glaring disclaimer: please do not just scan this journal entry. If you aren't up for a lengthy, rather visceral dissertation into why I have a problem with "normal", then please move on. Consider yourself warned. I've included pictures here which many find quite disturbing, and the casual scanner might think I have some kind of unhealthy obsession, which I do not. I have a healthy obsession with pointing out what's wrong with American society, and what is right about it. I've included photos of both here, and without a careful reading of this essay from top to bottom, start to finish, it will certainly be taken the wrong way. I thought long and hard before deciding to include the pictures. It was quite nauseating to view them ... and yet I feel they need to be included in order to get my point across. It's shocking to see them all grouped together the way they are, especially in the context with which I am grouping them (which you will only understand if you read the whole thing).

I work in the news business. Sometimes the endless string of death and destruction stories that parade before my consciousness make me a little nutty. This is my way of venting, of making sense of it all, and hopefully, helping to put an end to it while I'm at it. 

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