April 23rd, 2007

Long road home

So yesterday sucked...

Man, I was so incredibly busy yesterday, all day long. I didn't even take much of a break until I was right back to work again. One of our weekend directors is out on vacation, which is fine, but the guy supposed to be covering for him wound up calling out sick too! So, whereas I was supposed to just TD the early show, I wound up punching and calling. Then I had to punch/call the 10, followed by directing Sports Machine, both of which did not change due to the fill-in calling in sick.

We screwed up the end of Sports Machine. I'm fully expecting to have to go see Bob in his office today, even though it was NOT my fault.

Well, I'm not getting anything accomplished here. Sattva keeps bothering Bodie and the husband is awake and keeps talking to me, so getting up early to spend some ME time gets pushed to the backburner, and anyway I can't complete a thought with all the interruptions.

More later.

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