July 11th, 2007

High heel mustang

Wish list

I want a new car. I want a brand spanking new car with icy cold A/C, automatic moonroof, 6-CD player with MP3 capabilities, Bose speaker system, 4 doors, V-6 engine with incredibly good gas mileage but fast acceleration. Blue or red color preferably. No silver; no white. Definitely not pencil yellow. I'll take: Toyota Avalon; Cadillac El Dorado; Hyundai Sonata; Chevrolet Camaro (yes, I know these are not 4-door cars, but this is a wish list after all); Mercury Sable; Honda (any). I want to be comfortable; I want to feel safe on the road. I want to be able to pass the idiots on the road with no hope of them being able to catch me unless they're driving a souped-up sports car that was made to go fast.

My new car will also have: automatic seat adjusters; passenger-controlled temperature controls and fans; big, giant, roomy trunk; windshield wiper solution that sprays on like a fan from a nozzle mounted on the hood of the car, *NOT* the kind that's embedded in the wiper arm. I friggin hate those. I also want to be able to make modifications to the car that will make it go very fast if I want it to.

Automatic steering. A. Must.

I want the sports package. My new car will be no older than 2 years old!
Okami rainbow temple

I also have to say...

... I can't wait for things to slow down at work from trying to launch our shiny new set. So many changes ... 3 studio cameras now, a plethora of new shots to memorize, new routable sources, a completely new weather set-up using a rear-projection monitor ... the floor directors have their hands full.

But anyway, I have no free time at work anymore and that makes it difficult to post any journal entries. Anywhere. Weekends are not going to be much different once we launch the new set because of all the extra care that will be needed in order to have clean newscasts. I don't seem to have much time after I get home either.

As it is, I have to leave for work right now. Early crew call: 2:45pm. There is hope though - once we launch, the worst will be behind us.