July 22nd, 2007

Striped feet

Someone needs to invent a machine that will allow the user to dial up 'childhood'

There is no such thing as an "adult". Varying definitions, definitely. (heh) But we are all just big kids with a lot more responsibilities than we had a few years ago (or many years ago). 

This occurred to me during a conversation I had with Brigette at work today. I asked her if she started reading her copy of the new Harry Potter book. She said, "Yeah, but I'm so mad because my friend finished hers at 7 o'clock this morning." I thought she meant that she couldn't discuss the book with her friend yet. She was more disappointed over the fact that, for all the other Harry Potter book releases she'd requested time off to sit down and read it one sitting. She wasn't able to do that this time, because she already put in for time off next month, so she made the decision not to 'push' it, I guess. 

That's what I mean about us just being big kids: the most basic desires get quashed for personal responsibilities. You don't sacrifice your job stability to have the freedom to read a book, or detail your car, or plant your garden, or play video games for an entire day. You try to match these activities with your days off, but somehow the other responsibilities (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, etc.) encroach on that time off too. After a while you take it for granted and don't notice it as much; you also find other ways to 'play'. 

Anyway, that just struck me today for some reason.