February 27th, 2008

Long road home

More animal abuse in Florida...

I can't take it anymore. What is wrong with people??? I really believe certain people should NOT under any circumstance be allowed to be around animals AT ALL, not to work with them, not to have as pets, because they don't see them as living creatures that require care, compassion and understanding.

I was sitting here in the production hall listening to the news on the TV while marking my show. The 5 o'clock show was on and they did a story on the latest animal abuse case. It was so hard to listen to ... a teenager, 19 years old, got into a dispute with his girlfriend. Collapse )

I've already sat through that package once. Now, I have to sit through it again, not to mention what I had to read to write it here.

This is one of those days I truly, truly hate my job.