April 19th, 2008

Hair sticks

Food journal?

So I've discovered another blog site - Insane Journal - looks a lot like LiveJournal, not sure if they're connected at all (I didn't dig that deep). I think it's an LJ 'backup' journal site, like you can backup your LJ entries on IJ. Anyway, today I thought it might be worthwhile to start a food journal, not just so I can keep track of just how well or poorly I'm eating, but also if I have a really great meal I can remember what it all consisted of, how long it took me to prepare (if I include that info), and how much time passes in-between.

I also thought of just having a basic account here for the same purpose and reserve IJ for something else.

Actually I'm just looking for an excuse to start ANOTHER blog! Like I ever needed an excuse before! HA!