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Upward I leapt, like a gazelle racing across the rugged plains of Africa...

Today I went to Gazelle Sports to be fitted for running shoes! It surely was an adventure.

I think I spent a little over an hour there. I wasn't being fitted for shoes the whole time. I definitely made the right decision going to Gazelle, because the gal who helped me was quite knowledgeable and I feel very confident that when I go in there to buy my shoes I will have a much better running experience. I can hardly wait.

The whole process was fascinating to me. First she had me take off my shoes and she inspected the wear on the sole. Then she had me walk away from her while she watched my ankles and feet move. Then she had me walk toward her. Then she went and consulted with her manager. Then she came back with a pair of shoes. She put the shoes on me then walked me over to a treadmill, and so today also marks the first day in my life that I ever used a treadmill.

She started me out walking on the treadmill to see how my feet move in the new shoes, and then she had me jog a little. She was not satisfied with the shoes she put on my feet. She went back and talked to her manager. Then she came back with an armful of shoes.

Turns out, I have severe pronation of the feet. I have flat, average width feet, and here's another thing I found out today: my feet are not a women's size 10. No, no: they are actually a size 11. At least, as far as trying on women's running shoes went today, for the gal helping me I am a size 11.

After several pairs of shoes and several trips back and forth to the treadmill, we finally settled on a pair we both liked. Oh, the other thing I will be buying is a pair of inserts to go in my new shoes, and those cost $26. In addition to the cost of the shoes. Those cost $110, but they are a pair of Asics ... mm, I forget which model of Asics they are, but they are the right blend of support which makes Cara happy, and they have the esthetics that make me happy. And because today was my first day ever at Gazelle Sports, Cara threw in 10% off the cost of the shoes and the inserts.

Needless to say, I am really impatient to get these shoes and take 'em out for a spin!

I also found some very kickass threads to go with my new shoes, on sale, so once I get all these things, I will have *NO EXCUSE* to not hit the trail and improve my running ability. I'm really hoping these shoes we went to so much trouble fitting me for today will not give me pain in my feet and joints like the last pair of shoes did.

In other news ... I'm getting seriously ready to cut my hair. When I'm not thinking about buying running shoes and a new computer, I just obsess over cutting my hair. I've decided I'm going to do it myself, which is no big deal, I've cut my own hair before. I just can't decide on what length. I know several inches are coming off no matter what; I just can't decide on whether to stop at my shoulders or keep cutting up to my chin. I just can't decide what I can live with. When my hair is pulled back safely into a ponytail and out of my way I feel more comfortable with leaving it longer ... until I take it OUT of the ponytail and have to deal with it, either with my fingers or a brush. THEN I want to cut it to within an inch of it's life!!

I just don't know. I'll know when I get ready to cut it. In a way, I want to keep it long. It does look nice when I style it and curl it. I just wish it didn't take so long. If it didn't take so long for me to get it to look nice, I'd leave it long.


This business of doing my internetting at the library just makes me so mad, sometimes. I *REALLY* need to just do my effing taxes already. That's what I should devote myself to doing tomorrow. Maybe that's what I'll do. Yet another source of perilous indecision for me: 1040 and itemize deductions, or 1040A and make it easy on myself?? I'm pretty sure I don't have what I'd need to make itemizing deductions worthwhile; I'm pretty sure even if I scoured every possible source of itemizing available to me I'd still come up shorter than the standard deduction.

But shees, once I make up my mind to use one form or another, my taxes are pretty much done.

Did a lot of driving today. The latest repair my car now needs is a new thermostat. There were a couple of white-knuckle moments on the road today as I watched the temp. gauge needle climb into red territory. It didn't last long, but it happened twice while I was out today. It needs to not happen at all; otherwise I can forget about any new running shoes for the next two months, as keeping my car running is far more important than that!

Or is it?

Well, I know getting the thermostat replaced is not very expensive, and I could very possibly get both that done and buy the shoes. But not if I run that engine hot too many times, then the decision will be easy -- take the $50 I *might* get for junking my car and put it towards the new shoes!

Some would argue I should do that anyway ...

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