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Antics in the forbidden zone

I get an hour. One measly hour is all I get at the library to use the internet. So, of course, when I came here in the first place to do my taxes, naturally I would use some of this measly hour to post in my LJ, because you know ... posting here is so rare for me. She says sarcastically.

However, I can't resist. I am helpless to the power of the LJ.

This whole business of not having my CD player has proven very interesting. Since it's forcing me to rely upon the antiquated resource of a cassette player -- and thank God for the antiquated cassette player, let me tell ya -- I've been reduced to whatever I have recorded on cassette. Much of my cassette collection hails from a time in my life when my musical tastes were quite a bit different than what they are now, and as such, I keep them for those times when I'm in a rare mood, or just simply need something different to listen to. However, with the advent of the mix CD and having a friend at work who constantly refills my collection of music by artists I've never heard before, I haven't exactly been missing my cassettes.

As such, the experience of listening to some of these cassettes the last couple days has been a veritable trip down memory lane. Mostly it's been the Monkees and Adam and the Ants -- I forgot how good they were, and how much I loved Adam and the Ants!!! -- but today as I was walking to the library listening to a tape I just didn't have time to get to last night, I got a pleasant surprise I wasn't expecting. One thing I've discovered with these tapes of mine is what's recorded doesn't always match my hand-scrawled labels. So when I very innocently stuck the tape in that I'm listening to right now, I didn't pay too much attention to the label which said: "'Cherish', the Association, Love Notes, Apr. 16, 1991". I thought, shees, 1991, I've probably recorded over THAT one a few times.

OH no!

No, this one not only turned out to be accurate, but the tape was cued right up to a recording I made of me calling in a 'request' to one of the local radio stations back home in Toledo, once a favorite pasttime of mine, and there it was, as I walked up the hill to cross the street to go to the library: my voice from almost 14 years ago, requesting a love song!! Let me tell you, it's an interesting dynamic trying not to crack up laughing as you're walking down the street by yourself with a pair of headphones on.

That's all.

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