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My new obsession

The BTK killer -- apparently, there's been a new lead in this case. It both fascinates me and disgusts me that this guy is still out there. I found this great little website that's been set up by some guy who's even more obsessed about it than I am. I've added the link to my list of links on the right. I guess the website has been set up in order to better assist in catching this guy. I think the webmaster, Tom Voight, maybe used to work for the Wichita PD?? I don't know, that's just my guess, I didn't research it.

So the police have found a "person of interest" and they're going to give a press conference about it tomorrow morning (Sat. 2/26) at 10am. I wish I could tune in the TV stations carrying it. But I'm sure I can read all about it online later, too.

This is the first open case I've taken a vital interest in. Not that that's so unique, I'm sure there must be a hundred thousand other people out there just like me, some following the case more closely than others. Usually I get my crime drama fix from Law & Order SVU or Dateline/CourtTV specials. But this one is different; this one is active. The guy's still out there. Once they catch him -- IF they ever catch him -- it will become a Dateline exclusive, and show up in a modified fictionalized account on my favorite Law & Order series.

I think what I found most intriguing about my new favorite website is the profile of the killer supplied by Mr. Voight. Some of the character traits Voight believes this guy has I also have!! I read that and thought: does this mean I might become a serial killer someday??? Needless to say, it was a little unnerving to find out I have things in common with this disgusting human being. For example:

"BTK is a reader but not a particularly avid one. Among his favorite subjects would be true crime and practical aberrant psychology. He would rather read a short article than a book, rather watch a TV documentary than do any serious research."


"He probably has a decent collection of music that spans several decades. He is aware of music trends but not obsessed with them. He prefers simple, straight-forward musical genres."


"He was worked at jobs that are below his intelligence level, which is above average. He would always take a safe course at work and do his best to be admired by his superiors, much as he worked at being a “parent pleaser” in his youth."

But I also read things in the profile that didn't sound at all like me -- much to my great relief! Like:

"He would be very uncomfortable with physicians, dentists, psychologists, and other health providers, probably denigrating their functions and compensating with his own form of self-healing. This may rise to the level of a phobia. He would appease other necessary authority figures to suit his needs and probably does this very effectively."

I am quite comfortable with the aforementioned professionals, thank you very much. I'm always glad they are doing their job and not me.


"Despite his protestations to the contrary, BTK is a very controlled person, able to pass himself off convincingly in delicate situations. He would be viewed as harmless and perhaps even “easy-going” in casual relationships. However, he would be dominant and controlling in intimate relationships."

Yeah, that's not me at all. The last thing I would be accused of is being "dominant" OR "controlling" in intimate relationships. And I would never "protest" being a "very controlled person". I am a very controlled person; always have been. And that's just the way I like it!

In any event, let it be known that I am clearly rooting for the Wichita Police Department and the citizens of Wichita. I hope their streets become safe once again, and I hope they put that awful, terrible person behind bars.

More than anything, I hope BTK has an enlightenment, an epiphany, and stops doing those terrible things he's done, and stops terrorizing the people of Wichita. I hope he decides to let love into his life, and let love dictate his actions, not hate. I hope Holy grace visits him, and that he will learn to ask for forgiveness. I sincerely hope he feels sorry for what he's done, and that God forgives him, and that he will find the strength within himself to STOP hurting others. I think that's what fascinates me about serial killers: are they forgiven? Do they feel sorrow for what they've done? Is anybody nice to them after they're caught and put in jail (besides the chaplain)?

I would be nice to them. I would visit them in jail and be their friend. I'd be their friend even if they weren't in jail, even if I was dying at their hands. I would be terrified, but not so scared that I wouldn't still try to be a friend to them. They seem most in need of friends of anyone I have ever known. Maybe they do what they do because they can't find anyone who will be their friend. Not that that is any excuse to kill people, but you have to wonder. Maybe it's terribly naive of me, but that's the way I see it.

I never did write in here about one serial killer that Dateline profiled recently in a two-hour exclusive. I wrote about it in my 'analog' journal, but never here. I can't remember his name, for some reason... Gary Ridgeway, I think. Now there's a guy who I firmly believe was bullied by the police who caught him, bullied into a confession!!! The reports kept saying he was this evil, evil man, but something about him was not setting off red flags to me. I wasn't sympathetic; I just didn't believe he was the one!! I think they have the wrong guy.

Apparently this guy was the "Green River Killer", I think (if I remember correctly). A *bunch* of prostitutes turned up murdered in the Tacoma-Seattle, WA area. By a "bunch" I mean like, 40+ women. Murdered. And the guy murdering them had great contempt for women. I don't know, I just wasn't buying what Dateline was selling me in their report about him. 9 times out of 10 I am properly spooked by the murderers they profile. Richard Sharpe is one who springs to mind. He murdered his wife in plain view of everyone. Now that guy was just crazy. Dateline had no selling to do whatsoever, that guy was Loon-ey Tunes!!!

(I'd still be his friend, especially now that he's in jail.)

But I don't know. I wasn't so convinced on Gary Ridgeway. For one thing, the whole town showed up at his sentencing, and he had to sit and listen to the families of the murdered women chastise him publicly. Like this was their revenge. Like that was a good thing, supposedly. Mr. Ridgeway was clearly upset and remorseful by it all. He looked right at those families, when he could, and wept through it all. Since when do serial killers show remorse??? Moreover, since when do two wrongs make a right?

As if that weren't enough, the one detective-turned-sergeant who'd been following the case since Day One, not only got the proverbial "medal"... he later got elected to a Congressional seat for his hard work. I thought the whole thing was just silly.

But what do I know. I wasn't there. I didn't suffer through long hours looking for the Green River Killer, I didn't have to find the bodies of the murdered women, I didn't have to endure a city's contempt that I wasn't "doing enough" to find the killer and put him behind bars. I guess I'll never figure out politics, even though I do have my favorites.

So I can't wait to hear what the Police have to say in their press conference tomorrow. In a way, I hope this BTK guy is truly evil, so that we can all have that full, satisfied feeling we get whenever we feel like the "system" is actually working, when justice is really served. Not that it brings the dead back to life, but it does give you some hope for future generations. Then I hope after they catch him and throw him in jail, and lose the key, that BTK finds salvation for his soul, and we can all go riding off into the storied, Wichita sunset together, ahhhhh ....

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