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BTK caught!!!

That was so weird -- exactly one day after I posted my first entry regarding Wichita's serial killer, the police announce they've caught him!! I just thought that was so weird.

Y'know when I first walked in here, about half an hour ago (at the blasted library again), I practically had this *ENTIRE* area to myself. I could have thrown my arms around each empty computer and hugged them all!! So I said, hm, this must be the magic formula: 7pm on a Monday night.

OH no.

I had been sitting here maybe 10 glorious, beautifully quiet minutes when Attila the Hun and his noisy henchmen came in and thoroughly disrupted the quiet. Four of 'em, not even trying to be quiet. The one in particular, a young white male with an Ebonics vocabulary, was particularly abusive verbally. "F" this, and "f" that, every other word out of his mouth. Two of the other loudmouths he came in with were actually telling him to quiet down! And then went right back to jabbering at each other.

I wanted to cry.

Luckily they didn't stay long, and I have the table to myself again, but it's just so damn frustrating. I didn't dare speak up and tell them to be quiet. They looked like the type who would follow me home and give me trouble with a capital "T".


But BTK is behind bars. I imagine there's been more news about him since I left work last night. I think he was arraigned today. Dateline already had an hour-long piece about him on the air last night. It was pretty good. I taped it, and I'm glad I did because I missed the beginning of it.

Other than that, I got my hair cut today, and I *LOVE* my hair again!!! She cut a significant amount off the back. It is downright short in the back, but longer in front. It is so cool. I absolutely love it. It's a little shorter than I originally wanted, but you know what, that's okay. I wound up going to one of the cosmetology schools around here. After five years' worth of not liking my haircut when I go to the more expensive, hoity-toity salons I usually go to, I figured, what could it hurt? At least it won't cost me a hundred bucks.

And I wound up loving my hair more than I can remember in recent memory.

And she did a fantastic job styling it, which is usually the part I hate the most about getting my hair cut, but it was obvious the gal doing my hair *really* loves the styling part, because I actually looked better walking out of there today than I did going in. Not bad for $26!! And I gave her a $10 tip, and bought some fancy gunk to put in my hair when I style it. And she graduates in April. And she turned me on to some new styling products I never tried before. By golly, I think I might actually start doing my hair again! I am so thrilled with it, I just can't stop gushing about it!

The moral of this story is: never underestimate the power of lowering one's expectations.

And in all fairness, I had a much clearer picture of what I wanted before I ever sat down in that chair today, than I did those times I went to the more expensive salons. Whatever. I'm loving my hair, and that's all that really matters!

And BTK is behind bars. That's fantastic.

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