Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

Irony abounds

Got a new CD player.

Have let workout and diet go by the wayside. Have regained some weight because jeans are fitting tighter. And I won't lie, that just quite simply sucks.

New show on ABC, "Blind Justice". I watched because the main character who is blind reminds of "Dan". In one scene he had a conversation with his partner who, ironically, also reminds me of how I remember Dan's wife (but with different hair).

The blind guy's partner says some girl's name to him, and his face registers recognition. Then she says, "She and I are friends. Y'know, it certainly took you a long time to tell her you are married."

He said, "I was going through a rough time in my marriage, I was trying to sort things out. I've done a lot of growing up since then."

Reality check.

I like the detectives on NBC a WHOLE LOT BETTER!!!

Why the hell does Hollywood portray the cheating husbands as victims of some sort or another? Or as if this guy was justified in stringing some unsuspecting love interest along, and then one day he decides he's happier in his marriage and oh well, it was nice knowin ya? What a jerk!! I was kind of looking forward to finding a new crime drama to watch, but they have totally and officially lost me as an audience.

And ABC had the audacity to put this new show up against Law & Order SVU, which is not only my most favoritest TV show at the moment, it also happens to be setting some new records with it's ratings and award-winning talent. Whatever. I'll stick to L&OSVU, thank you very much.

Oh, and speaking of the detectives on NBC, I look up and Ice-T is on a talk show. File that under "Odd Coincidences That Keep Happening To Me"!!!


Okay, it's official: I think Ice-T is now my new favorite actor from L&OSVU. I was just sitting here watching him on Carson Daly, and you know what ... he's pretty damn funny!!

I mean, I never not liked him, especially since watching him on SVU.

Y'know, really, I don't think I have a favorite detective on SVU. I love them all, but I especially enjoyed watching Ice-T on Carson Daly! He was hilarious!!

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