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Captain Cornflake

I dunno, it just seemed like a great name for a subject line. I hatched it when I was in my kitchen making breakfast (which is quite an event for me, if you don't already know). I also seem to hatch my most creative ideas, the ones I remember anyway, when I am engaged in some activity in my kitchen.

I've decided today that the best packaged food anywhere are Flamin' Hot Munchies and Ultra Cheddar Mix Munchies. They are my most favorite food *EVER*!!!

Easter Puffs are currently running a close second.

Maybe 'Magical Cornflake' ... ? (I swear, I'm not smoking anything!!!)(No, really, I swear!!!!!)

And the best beverage on the planet is not Snapple -- it's actually Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

Second place goes to Sprite Re-Mix, and third place would be beer, any flavor, any brand.

And that concludes our presentation of the Junk Food Awards, be sure to tune in tomorrow when we give out awards for the most ridiculous journal entry ever.

I got nothing.

"Step away from the keyboard, keep that mouse where I can see it, nice and easy, nice and slow ... "

"But officer -- !"

And now for tonight's episode of ... C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R. C.O.P.S. ...

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