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Richard Simmons was right all along!

I was going to write about something that made me so mad at work yesterday, but after I had some time to think about it, I decided it wasn't worth wasting time and space for in my journal. Besides, I was a cranky ol' bitch from being sick. But I'm feeling better now. :) Must have been the well-wishes I got. :) :)

Instead, I've decided to devote this space to something far more interesting to write about, something I caught on the Tony Danza show yesterday. Richard Simmons was on the show, and even though the guy is such a loon, he's a loon with a good cause. Tony Danza asked him his opinion on all the fad diets, to which Richard exclaimed, "People get fat from eating real food!!! And the way to lose weight is to eat less of it!!!!" in his characteristically overzealously, infectious enthusiasm.

And I'm going to have to finish this train of thought later -- which I hate doing -- but I've got a show to switch...

Later, 11:47pm...

I debated just starting a whole new entry, but the problem with doing that is then it appears before this one. So hopefully if anyone read this earlier they'll come back to it and finish reading it.

But to finish what I was starting to say about Richard Simmons ... I don't care what you think of him, he had some interesting things to say. I have never been overweight (thank you God), but I remember Richard Simmons from when I was a little girl. I had a crush on him, as I recall, but that's none too surprising seeing as I seem to gravitate towards fuzzy-headed men for some reason (Richard Simmons, Micky Dolenz, Dustin). I don't even remember what TV show Richard Simmons was on when I first saw him years ago.

Yesterday, when he was on the Tony Danza show he joked about being a gynecologist for 10 years!!! I couldn't believe my ears!! I don't think Tony Danza knew if he was kidding or not, but that's another story. I was just so intrigued though, when Richard Simmons made the comment about people's problems with losing weight, and when he said, "People get fat by eating real food, and the way to lose weight is by eating LESS OF IT!!!!!" I realized that that's what he's always said, all these years! He completely discredited the whole low-carb thing, and he spoke very candidly about how much he loves food. He said, "Tony, if I found an M&M in this couch I'm sitting on here, I would eat it!" The audience howled with laughter, and so did I. He went on to say, "When I'm at home, if I drop something on the floor -- " gestured to the audience: "--Don't you also do this?? When you're at home??" turns back to Tony, "-- and I will pick it up off the floor, and blow on it, you know" mind you the audience is loving every minute of this banter, and Tony Danza just doesn't know how to respond -- "and I eat it. I love food, love it!!" It was so touching to hear him speak this way, especially when you know there are people out there who hang on his every word, and especially considering that, at this stage of his life, he is not simply a celebrity -- he is a legend in his own time, and making every moment of his celebrity count. I totally respect that. Not many celebrities are comfortable enough to do that.

Then he said something that really impressed me. He was talking about how he's been going around the country training people, I think he said some 300 people, and instructed them to go out into the community and make fitness affordable to those who would otherwise not have access to a gym. He said, "Many people just can't afford a health club membership, so I told [the people I trained], 'Just charge 'em a dollar'. You can find a church basement, a high school gymnasium, and just charge a dollar."

I was so touched by that. This whole issue of having access to physical fitness has been something I've pondered for quite some time, especially in the last year, ever since I read a magazine article about Marion Jones, who is doing something quite similar to what Richard Simmons was talking about. The problem seems to be not so much that people don't want to get in shape, but that they have such limited access, or *no* access. And why? It just doesn't make any sort of good sense.

It particularly bothers me because I currently can't afford any kind of health club membership myself, and my car is such a bucket o' bolts that I am hesitant to drive very far, which means I can't go running at this one park I like to go to. Not to mention being unable to drive to the lakeshore to go running/walking on the beach. I'm here to tell ya, if I was able to do THAT I would be in such fantastic shape, I think I would probably give up my addiction to the computer!

Okay, let's not go crazy here. ;)

It's not just my car. It's this region. Where I come from we have Metroparks -- they are like Midwest oasises (sp?), pristine, well-maintained, and just downright breathtaking. I had one park in particular that was my favorite, and there is nothing in Grand Rapids that even compares. You have to go to the lakeshore to even come close, and that is out of my driving range. When I hear people talking "affordable fitness" I pay attention now, because I am so lacking for it, and it sucks.

Anyway, Richard Simmons really scored some points with me yesterday. Not that I ever had anything against him to begin with, but I was just so touched by what I heard that I felt I had to say something here. I think people who have access to health clubs and the like take it for granted, and don't realize how many people would sign up if they could just afford it.

So there.

What else ... ???

Oh yeah, lest I forget ... here's an update on the state of my voice: when I talk I sound an awful lot like Peppermint Patty. So I was going around calling everyone 'Sir', and saying, "Don't be such a blockhead, Charlie Brown!!"

I should leave a phone post, that would be very funny, tee hee hee!!!

I do have this to say about this round of being sick: when I got up this morning, I honestly do not know how I survived sleeping through the night. The experience of waking up and getting all the gunk out of me that built up through the night in my sinuses and lungs is one I won't soon forget. I'm not kidding you, I think it took me about twenty minutes to clear up my head and lungs. And this ONLY after I turned on the hot water in the shower and let the bathroom fill up with steam, just so I could get things moving along. I know this is so gross, but I have to write about this so I don't ever forget about it. Shist, next time I get a cold like this, I have got to get a humidifier, or something.

That being said, imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is my voice improving, I found I didn't need any cold medicine at all, and thank GOD I didn't have any of those horrible coughing fits like I had the last two days. I'm still coughing; just not like I have been, where I am completely incapacitated for 5 minutes.

I felt so good once I got some breakfast and coffee in me that I decided to go tanning before going into work. (So sue me, it's my one guilty pleasure in life.) I'd pretty much figured after yesterday that I was going to have to put it off for another week, but now I do not. This makes me happy. I look so much better with a little color in my skin. Although I think they must have put *BRAND SPANKING NEW* bulbs in the beds, because my skin is just a teensy bit more pink than I'd like it to be, considering I'm not even up to 10 minutes yet. It's just so nice to be tanning again, ahhh ... :)

In other news, we had our severe weather drill tonight. That's always a fun time, she says sarcastically. It seemed to drag on mercilessly, and it was so ridiculous. I mean, ridiculous. Ridiculous for me, anyway, because I am a weather geek from way back, and it was such a colossal waste of time for me. I guess it was good for everybody else, though. I mean, severe weather season is what I live for -- last season for example, I got us on the air, and beat the competition, three times!! Just because I like to sit and watch what's going to happen next. Most of the rest of the people I work with think weather is boring. I think they're boring. Weather is exciting -- weather can be so much fun!! The only drawback from my standpoint is that, since I'm in the control room, I can't be outside watching the storms develop. That's the only thing I hate.

On the other hand, I like having bragging rights, too.



I feel like I just hopped into a time capsule and it dropped me off in 1984 or something. I just saw Billy Idol perform on Leno. And you know what? He still looks and sounds exactly the same. Now that is a feat, considering he must be like, I don't know, in his 40s by now??? Possibly 50s. Shist, he must be in his 50s!!!

I gotta tell ya, though, he's still in mighty fine shape!! He had his trademark shirt unbuttoned in a way that makes you wonder why doesn't he just take it off altogether, and the guy still has a 6-pack. His torso hasn't aged a bit. I couldn't tell about the rest of him, though, although his face doesn't look like it aged too much either, but he was wearing sunglasses.

But his band!!! Oh my God, straight out of the 80s. And I should know, because I grew up in the 80s. The hair, the clothes, the jewelry, big hair, spandex, leopard print, oh my God, you shoulda seen it. I was thoroughly distracted by the spectacle.

And the music. I don't want to sound too critical here, because I only heard *part* of one song, but what I heard was that typical, guitar-riffing, Billy Idol-screaming, flat, 2-dimensional, 4/4 rock-tempo that you would expect to hear him performing. That being said, it was quite a show. I was entertained, and that's all I really cared about.

I mean, Billy Idol for fuck's sake!!!

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