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Fresh out of profound things to say (I know, what a relief!!!)

After a week of epiphanies and personal revelations, I got nothin.

And yet, I feel obligated somehow to make a note here about something today. My goal is to make an entry on every single day of the year, or as close to that as possible. Even if it's a relatively boring, uneventful day like today.

Yeah, the news these days is kind of anti-climactic from my viewpoint, after you bury a Pope. People die, people get stabbed, another robbery, weather's nice but we sure could use some rain, blah, blah, blah.


To tell the truth, I actually feel like I'm in some sort of calm-before-the-storm pattern. Like, hm, gee, things are just a little *too* stable at work these days. My three-year anniversary is next week, which means I'm due for an annual review. Last year's review was, shall we say, less than stellar. In fact, it was just one step shy of downright traumatizing. I'm still in denial about it, truth be known.

But this is a different year. I'm not coming out of recovery like last year, and I've made some pretty solid accomplishments. I'm also a lot wiser to the needs of my boss and how to keep from letting him get to me too much. I think that more than anything was my biggest problem a year ago. Among other things.

So we'll see.


I went to a Catholic Mass this morning. Just the weekday Mass, not a special Holy Day of Obligation or anything like that. I felt I needed a primer of some sort before I go tackling the High Drama of the Sunday Mass. I got to talking to a nice lady afterwards; it was an interesting and eye-opening discussion.

And if I had the inclination I'd go into it now, but I don't, so I won't. Lucky you. ;)

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