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Oh, so you wanted a poem about pirates, didja now!!!

I must give credit to throw_away_game for the following sonnet. I had to post it because it really inspired me, and well ... who doesn't like pirates???

"The light goes out upon the docks one night
And silence fills the space time revels in
Til echoes of a footstep, to the right,
With sounds of pirates drinking rum and gin.

"A poetry in rowdyness appears
As seaborne men disguise themselves as fools.
As drunken cries fall upon drunken ears,
These wasted men try to break all the rules.

"The taverns, bars, and shipdecks take the brunt;
So filty, dirt and vomit line the floors.
No quiet, not for any occupant,
Unless one were to walk out of those doors.

"Yet peaceful, still, and quiet once again,
And cool night air conducts a placid end.


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