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Happy Sunday!

Today, I am having a good day at work. :) So far. Of course I am only at the beginning of my shift and it could take a drastic turn for the worst, but at this point that doesn't seem to be the case. It just seems like those of us on the weekend crew have finally come together, finally coalesced our best strengths so that we can handle breaking news, sporting events that runneth over causing the producer to slash out stories that we otherwise would have told, etc. We can do the special effects that are done on the weekday broadcasts. It just feels good to know we are finally 'up to snuff'; that is a nice, stable feeling. You have to have some stability in order to handle the curve balls life throws at you.

It's not just work; today just feels like a good day in general. Which is funny, because the weather is really nasty out today: it's only 40 degrees F and the wind is gusting up to 30mph, making the wind chill a *LOT* colder than 40 degrees! I think the good feeling stems more from how I've been living my life lately, partly due to a couple of things I've been reading, partly just due to keeping up on things even when the going gets rough. I'm starting to reap the benefits of having cultivated good habits a while ago, and that contributes to a nice, stable feeling about myself too. Nobody likes to hear it; but the truth is, you can't pay for something with nothing, and you can't fall in love with somebody else until you first fall in love with yourself. Well, I'm finally getting it; I've finally reached a place where I really do cherish every aspect of myself, even the 'bad' parts, the parts that challenge me, if you will. That is a good feeling, because it gives me hope that the *next* person I try and have a relationship with will be someone wonderful, someone really right for me.

Anyhoo, I just had to make a note here, that I'm having a good day at work, so I can look at it when I'm having a bad day, Lol! ;)

But before I go, the long-awaited Bette Midler quote:

"There comes a time when you have to let your clothes go out into the world and try to make it on their own."

--Bette Midler

(As seen on p. 199 in the May issue of Real Simple, about getting rid of clothes that have been sitting in your closet for 2 years.


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