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We are the champions, my freh-hend...

The Pistons. Are up. Three games to two.

You know, there is some small part of me that has been bracing for the Pacers to dethrone the mighty Pistons in this series; not doubting my beloved Pistons ability, mind you, but more like acceptance that they are facing off with a team who has their old coach. I first became a fan of the Pistons when Rick Carlisle was coaching, hard to believe it's been two years now. And I was slow to warm up to Larry Brown, to tell you the truth.

And what about Reggie Miller? I mean, I have never been a Pacers fan, let's just get that straight right now. But ol' Reggie's been in this for years. He played Michael Jordan -- 'member him? I mean if ANYONE'S jonesing for an NBA championship ring ... I'd say he'd be it.

Yet not only did the Pacers lose last night, they were "manhandled", as our Sports Director put it. The Pacers *lost* and they lost *big time*. I think the final score was what, 89-67??!?!! Manhandled is right.

So in a small way, I am kind of disappointed, because I really thought the Pacers would put up more of a fight. Of course, you don't have to tell me, this series ain't over yet, and don't I know it! Still two games left; you never know. For the record I am *NOT* -- *NOT* -- rooting for Indiana. I want the Pistons to win!!

But who am I, why should anyone listen to me? Or should I speak? Since I know nothing! Crimenes, I haven't even been paying attention to the Western Conference semis. I could not tell you who's playing over there. Dallas maybe? I'm pretty sure they beat Houston, which is too bad, 'cuz I kind of would have liked to see Yao Ming play Ben Wallace!

But then ... who wouldn't?? ;)

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