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We're not in Kansas anymore, Totem

That's what the subject line of my last journal entry *should* have said. Jokes aren't as funny when they're late, I guess.

Today has been "one of those days". It was one of those days where I was full of creative energy, full of good mood, filled to the brim with inspiration which I wanted desperately to record here in my journal, and now, as I'm getting ready to go home, now is the first free moment I've had to even check my work mail, let alone make a journal entry. Well, let me re-phrase that: I've had free moments throughout the evening, but whenever I wanted to sit down at the computer *somebody* was already sitting there. Poo.

Since then I've been battling a headache, incompetence, and just general annoyance at having to be at work, instead of out playing on this nice day, and so ... I got nothin.

Better luck tomorrow, maybe.

Oh wait, no -- no, tomorrow my day is taken up with the President of the United States of America making a visit. Work at big, #1 news station, whole day spent covering visit. And tomorrow is supposed to be even more beautiful than today was...

*heaves big, heavy sigh*

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