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Fuzzy are my boundaries,
boundless are my quandaries

--Copyright Sarah Apsey, 6/2/2005, Grand Rapids, MI

I've got three words for the Pistons/Heat game tonight: what was that?????? Once the soccer game ended, the Pistons lost to the Heat, I forget the score right now, but I think the loss was in the double-digits. It was painful to watch in many, many instances, but I think I saw the ball actually on the floor more times tonight than what a basketball game should have! It was absolutely ridiculous.

But it's not over yet, now is it? It just means the intensity of this series has gone WAY up. I just wish I didn't have to be at work to watch it!! I'm constantly being uprooted, which is fine, it *is* my job after all. Guess I got spoiled on my vaca, getting to sit back leisurely at the bar and watch the Pistons while filling up on nachos deluxe and Miller Lite. Really, what more to life is there than that???? Not a lot, my friend, not a lot.

I must give a nod to the Miami Heat, though. They are not just sitting back and letting the Pistons take the crown from them, which is nice, that's the way basketball should be played. I didn't do a terrific job of keeping up on the regular season this year, so this is really the first time I've actually seen the Miami Heat in action, and they have a really impressive team of players. They are an adequate match for the Pistons, near as I can tell.

No matter how this season ends, I will always be a Pistons fan. They've got me for good (lucky them).

I will be so sorry to see this season end. I'm not much of a football fan, so I guess I'll have to get my pro ball fix on baseball. Such as it is.

In other news, I made an exciting discovery the other night: I seem to be going the way of Sheryl Crow and Demi Moore. To which I say, yee-haw!!! Meaning, I seem to be getting better-looking with age. I drew this conclusion after looking at some pictures of me taken well more than 10 years ago, pictures I haven't seen in almost as long. I'm not talking hairstyle or choice of clothing (although both of those leave a lot to be desired in those pix as well): I'm talking just plain ol' looks, your God-given looks. Well, my God-given looks are holding up well, I'm happy to say! So I don't have money -- so what? I'm getting better-looking with no extra help at all, so nyeah-nyeah!! (so now everyone knows my secret: why I'm enjoying the aging process) :)

Well ... that's my humble opinion. I've often felt I had 'adult' features that I had to grow into, in a sense. I guess some people are like that. But I am definitely your classic ugly duckling story, if ever there was one. Of course, I could stand to lose 10 pounds ... or not. :)

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