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Bitch session

I am so fuckin mad right now I can't see straight.

I just got done walking ALLLLLL the fucking way home, only to realize I left my keys at work.


I figured since I had to walk ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way fucking BACK to work, I'd sit here at the computer and do what I started to do at 6:35 this evening, when arma-fucking-geddon decided to break loose at WOOD TV-8.

Except I'm so mad right now, so fucking steamed over the fact that I *AM* sitting here right now, when I should be at home relaxing, that I couldn't possibly begin to write what I *wanted* to write about at 6:35 pm. Which means it will be lost forever. But maybe it's just as well.

This is a fitting end to what this whole week has been like. Tonight was truly the icing on the cake. A little, stringy, piece of "funnel cloud" emerged out of the sky over Byron Center (or near that area), and our morning show meteorologist happened to be at her daughter's soccer game to see it. To those of you who don't know Terri DeBoer, she has the gift of gab. Which is fine, except when you need her to *SHUT UP*, such as when the producer is already short on time.

Pair her with Mr. Bill Steffen, who considers himself a Titan among Giants, but who is really just a legend in his own mind -- and who also happens to have the gift of gab -- and you've got yourself a night of sheer and utter agony.

But that's not all!!!!

For the production team tonight, we *ALSO* had to deal with a tape operator who fills in for us sometimes, but who normally works daybreak. Two words: HE SUCKS!!!!! The guy could not find his way out of a paper bag with *BOTH* fucking ends open.

But yet, he gets to keep his job... *scratches head*

What this meant for us was, what would have been a long night ANY-FUCKING-WAY was absolutely compounded by the fact that we had to deal with the incompetence of the tape operator our boss stuck us with for tonight.

And oh, did I mention I HAVEN'T EATEN A REAL DINNER YET TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so steamed. I am so fucking STEAMED!!!!!

Then, after our dragging-ass night *FINALLY* seemed to go back to a more normal pace, then our robotics operator had a brain fart as to exactly what time our last fucking live weather hit of the night was. Which would have been fine, had he not been thinking it was 10:05 pm INSTEAD OF 9:58 PM WHICH WAS THE REAL HIT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

This fact would not have even made it into my rant -- and I really do not blame him too much, he's a good guy, and for the most part dependable, and we all like having him around. No, the person I'm steamed at is Bill Steffen, because he came storming into the control room, and chewed ME out, for missing the update. He chewed ME out!!!! I paged the robotics op. *twice* -- my job here is done, mister!!! So I just looked him right in the eye and I said, "You know what, this has been an unusual night, not just on the weather front, we had an ASSLOAD of production work that we had to fit in around that, and frankly, the fact that that's the ONLY thing that slipped through the cracks is pretty amazing." Then I just stared him down. He had nothing else to say to me, and so he turned and walked out of the room. He better not have had anything more to say to me, besides the fact that there really was NOTHING MORE TO SAY, but I was ready to give him a piece of my mind if he would have said anything else to me!!!

*breathing like Darth Vader* I think I just want to feel my bare hands around someone's neck, I'm not sure whose, and feel the life being choked slowly out of them.

Although I could settle for a movie that depicts the same.

See, it's so stupid, I have to watch what I fucking write in here, because it could be held against me. It's so fucking stupid. You can't even *joke* about killing someone anymore.

The only real consolation I have is I called the severe weather before it even happened. I have this weird sixth sense about weather, especially the severe kind. Right after the 6 o'clock news ended, and after we taped the ID's, I said to everyone on the production crew: "Who has to go out for dinner tonight?" A couple people answered, "Me." To which I said, "Okay, don't go far, because even though it doesn't look like much, with the heat and humidity being what it is this could turn into something severe with no warning whatsoever." Which is exactly what happened, as a matter of fact. I'd only been sitting at the computer long enough to open a couple browser windows when Steffen comes running into the control room and says, "There's been a funnel cloud sighting, we need to go on the air NOW!!"

No warnings were issued; no, he got a phone call from Terri DeBoer who was at her daughter's soccer game, who saw it herself. From then on, it just turned into a cluster-fuck. Suddenly, people came streaming into the control room, a couple people heard the tornado sirens going off and just re-routed themselves, and because nobody but me, Bill Steffen and John Joy know how to act during severe weather, the director and producers come running into the control room like the Tasmanian Devil (only not NEARLY as cute) and you know, it's their first time doing a severe weather cut-in EVERY FUCKING TIME we do one, because they magically forget how to do their jobs right when we need them to remember. Had I been smart, I would have ordered everyone out of the control room except for the audio operator and handled it myself. It *ALWAYS* goes much more smoothly when I am by myself during these things.

Initially the National Weather Service of Grand Rapids disputed all the people who said they saw a funnel cloud. They later retracted their statement, and had to admit publicly that Storm Team 8 beat them to the punch (which isn't too unusual, it happens all the time up here, we have two Doppler radars, one is more powerful than the one NWS has, and our staff of meteorologists are simply more dedicated than they are).

I know c0rrupt0 is feeling the wrath of Tropical Storm Arlene right about now ... see that's what kills me about tonight at WOOD TV-8: they were practically wetting themselves over a string for a cloud hanging out of the sky (http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=3460262&nav=0RcdauY5 to see pictures) that *NEVER* fucking touched down


furthermore, it was the only fucking tornado report all FUCKING evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all the fuss we made about it, for all the anger and wrath lashed out upon us powerless production people,


Oh, now, NOW it gets better!!!!!!!!! Guess who has discovered I'm sitting here in the control room?? That's right, Mr. Bill Steffen!! And guess what he actually had the audacity to say to me??? "Do you mind sticking around here for a minute, I want to wait until this storm cell over Hesperia doesn't develop into anything worse..."

Somebody PLEASE just shoot me *NOW*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interestingly, this isn't the only time I had a day like this, except when I wrote about the last time it happened to me, I was *MUCH* cheerier at the end... http://www.livejournal.com/users/ann15warsaw72/2005/02/09/

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