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It's gonna be a long night...

I made a post not too long ago about the interesting dynamic of being number one and being a defending champion. I don't think I ever really did figure out what it was; in any event, I made the observation tonight that last year, the Pistons were the underdog. This year, they are the defending champs. They aren't going into this as the dark horse this year -- this year they went into the NBA Finals favored to win.

A couple things they have working against them: 1) they did NOT get the rest the Spurs did going into the Finals and, 2) they had to start the Finals like the ended the Conference Finals: on the road.

And tonight, they sacrificed Game 2 to the San Antonio Spurs.

No matter; it ain't over yet, dammit!!! This Pistons fan will stay true to the end!!


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