Ramona (ann15warsaw72) wrote,

The Attorney General

Right now as I type, the Attorney General of the State of Michigan, Mike Cox, is sitting in our studios doing a taped interview with our To The Point host, Rick Albin. How tempting is it to walk out of Control C, and into the studio to give him a piece of my mind about that whole business of denying health benefits to gay couples!!!

But I won't, because keeping my job is more important than being right, right now.

The next thing we will be doing is a satellite interview with NASCAR driver, Ryan Newman. Welcome to Wednesday at WOOD TV-8.

<4:11 pm>

So, I got to switch the Ryan Newman interview, which was sweet. Excuse me while I boast for a minute here: one thing I really pride myself on is interview timing. When you're doing a live or taped interview with someone like Ryan Newman, or Chris Kaman of the L.A. Clippers, or whoever, you have no idea when they're going to switch gears, when they're going to stop talking, what the interviewer's reaction is going to be. But I am really good at sensing the flow of conversation.

So there.

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