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The Doom & Gloom of West Michigan

I have to keep looking at the calendar today to remember that it's mid-June, because it definitely doesn't feel like June outside.

When you go outside it's grey, no sun to be seen for miles, the air makes you think of turkey and stuffing, rather than hot dogs and iced tea, or ice cream and lemonade. And just last week I walked out of the house already sweating profusely before I even started my walk to work!!! 90-degree temps last week; 65-degrees this week. I don't think I'll ever get used to this, not for as long as I live. It's freakin June, for cripes' sake!!!

Other than that,

How Bout Them Pistons?!?!?!???

I mean, how BOUT them Pistons!! They humiliated the Spurs!! Last night's score in

Game 4:

    PISTONS 102

    SPURS 71

I still refuse to make any predictions, but the Pistons have managed to make the Spurs' two-game victories look like a fluke at this point. To a real basketball fan, this series has been vitally interesting. Neither Spurs' nor Pistons' die-hards are the least bit surprised, and all of us see the respective victories as bittersweet, because the closer we get to a crowned Champion, the closer we get to the end of the season, and must content ourselves with either WNBA, or something else until November rolls around again.

To everyone else, this series has only just gotten interesting. Whatever. I'm anxious to see the Pistons claim the crown again, but there has been some great basketball played these last couple weeks, on both sides. I have new respect for the Heat and the Spurs -- doesn't mean I'm rooting for them, but if the Heat had won, and if the Spurs lick us this year, I won't be too surprised. Both teams have meant nothing less than business each time they took the court against the mighty Detroit Pistons. It has been sheer basketball heaven to watch.

I'm so full of shit, sometimes. :) I talk like I'm some NBA veteran or something, shees...

Other than that, I am the classic, textbook definition of ZERO MOTIVATION today. In the dictionary, next to the term "zero motivation" is a picture of me.

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