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Ode to joy

I can't think of anything to write, but it doesn't matter because I decided to write something anyway. I'm hungry; as usual. I'm excited to hear that the hurricane that threatened my trip to Florida seems to be taking a different track, mainly it looks like it's going AWAY from my destination -- yay!! However, the bad news is, the meteorologist up here told me he heard from a trusted source that this year is gonna be a lot like last year for hurricanes.

That is good and bad news for me, as far as I'm concerned. The good news is, I imagine a repeat of last year's hurricanes is going to make people leave the state of Florida en masse, thereby driving real estate prices down. It also might make looking for a job down there a little easier too, for the same reason. I hope.

The bad news is, I would hate to be scheduling job interviews and apartment-hunting around major hurricanes. Aside from that, I look forward to it. In fact, I can hardly wait!!

I'm hungry. Did I mention that yet? :P Oh, hey, now I have a rundown to mark for the show.

Have I also mentioned how much I LOVE c0rrupt0??? :) :) :)

Glenn, baby ... you are truly the light of my life. You are the nucleus around which my world now revolves. You and I have always been together, I think, only separated, waiting to be reunited. As long as my heart beats, it beats for you and you alone. You put the spring in my step, the smile on my face, the glow in my heart. Oh baby... it's you. :)

And I love you.

Together forever -- GB+SA

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