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Yes, yes, I know I have an email to answer. Now that I've started this it almost seems a shame to write something here when I have yet to answer Sonya's email. Eh. Maybe I'll write something more substantive later. I just got done reading my boyfriend's journal entry for today and thought, huh, that's a good idea I haven't written in my own LJ in awhile.

Mission accomplished!

Actually, I think I am going to say this much: I need to give some serious thought to seriously seeing a serious doctor, seriously, for this PMS which is causing serious problems in my life. Seriously. PMS is not so bad when you are alone; when you are involved in a relationship it's a whole new ballgame. Now, another person is involved. Crawling into a hole head-first and pretending the world is not there does not work so much like it once used to. Yesterday (and every day for the past week or so), everything was bugging me. Today, not so much. That is not fair, to me or anyone in my life.

However, I know what the doctor is going to say: more fruits and vegetables, MORE exercise, drink more water, get on a more regular schedule and stick to it, less caffeine/alcohol/anything that remotely tastes good. That is my prediction.

In conclusion: my boyfriend's journal entry for today was FAR more interesting than mine is so far. :P

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