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Ah, news gathering

I love this picture, because to me it embodies the essence of news gathering, and if any of you know me at all, you know I am passionate about news gathering. Whoever took this picture has my sincere admiration, it's a great picture:

That's Jam Sardar sitting cross-legged, and Jeff Manders, photographer, sitting next to him. Jeff is a new daddy and Jam is about to become one. :) Congratulations to the new daddies, I hope to give the same to my man someday ... :)

(This is also a test for me to put pictures that show up on my page, rather than simply copying and pasting links, if you must know. I figure, if I'm going to put a picture up on my blog, might as well make it an interesting one!)

And oh yeah, I got the picture from this website: http://www.mediamouse.org/gallery/bush_protest_submitted/jambushbillion
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