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On this date...

Today I made my directorial debut -- go ME!!!!! All in all, it went pretty well. It was probably pretty evident that I am such a rookie, but by golly, after today, my evolution in the news business is complete.

Wait no, I take that back -- my evolution will not be complete until I get work as a reporter/anchor. So that task is officially next on my list of things I want to do before I die.

But as far as working in the production department goes, I have now worn every hat there is to wear: floor director, camera operator, robotics operator, tape operator, chyron operator, audio ...

... audio. I am so full of shit. I've never run audio for a show before!!!

*slaps forehead*

But I got my name in the credits, though. ^.^ Although I've been getting my name in the credits since I've been working here, WBBH is officially the first station to credit me as the Director at the end of a news show. And that day, mark your calendars, was today. :)

Today's Weather Headline

Even though a cold front moved through here yesterday (NOT Gamma-related) I can't say it's "cold" down here. It will be cold in the mornings though: s'posed to be only 49-degrees at daybreak tomorrow. But for Thanksgiving we're expecting temps to be back up in the upper 70's, low 80's, lots and lots of sunshine.

And definitely NO SNOW. :P (although don't get me wrong, part of me is kind of missing the nip in the air and the snow falling. That's to be expected I guess. It's a fleeting feeling, at most.)
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