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little bitty update

So here it is the new year and all, I haven't made a post in ... ages, and I found myself with a few rare free moments. Now if I had a nice steaming mug of coffee and more like, oh, a few free HOURS, this would be perfect. Alas, it is not, as I have to be at work in less than an hour.

I should get up RIGHT NOW and make coffee. Right now. 'Cause I do want some before I go into work. Except it will cost me a few of these precious minutes...

... ahh, coffee's brewing. My favorite: Starbucks Italian Roast. Mmmmmmmm............

Ok, so what's been going on with me? Well, I'm finding out that being engaged to get married certainly keeps me busy! There are so many more: places-to-go, things-to-do, people-to-see. Especially the things-to-do part. The whole dynamic (of being partnered with someone) is unceasingly amazing to me on a regular basis. Lucky for me, I am hooked up with someone who really is my match in every sense of the word. I think my favorite thing to do with him is crack up laughing. Sometimes we really get each other going, I mean like, we're having seizures we're laughing so hard. Glenn and I do this on a regular basis. Every couple should laugh like he and I do -- because things are not perfect, he and I do fight, and I'm telling you, the laughter is a glue and a healing salve for us, all at the same time. A very tough, strongly binding, super-duper adhesive. ^.^

And there is so much to learn from each other. I am lucky that he's open-minded the way he is. I try to be open-minded, although sometimes I'm not.

...I'll have to continue this later. There is so much going on in my brain these days, and just not enough time to record barely any of it...

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