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Ah March...

March. The month where I typically go crazy, mainly because I typically have no boyfriend -- much less a husband -- and typically I'm more lovesick at this time of year than any other time of year. Of course, I've spent the last 33 years living in a 4-season climate, too, whereas now I'm living in southwest Florida. I'm even further south than Tampa. Like sometimes Tampa will feel the cold snaps that the north sometimes sends us, we don't always get them, we're just that far south.

So I'm sick today. Luckily it's my day off, but wouldn't you know, I got a phone call from work today asking me to come in tonight! I guess two of the directors are out sick. I was not surprised to hear Cassie's sick, but Ryanne being sick surprised me. I don't mind saying, it sure was a good feeling being able to call back and say I can't help you out, and not feel lousy about saying 'no'. *yay*

But I'm sick. I'm glad to have the excuse not to have to go into work on my day off, but on the other hand, it's a beautiful day outside -- how does sunny and 82 degrees sound? -- I have so much to do, nobody's home but Glenn and I, and instead I'm laying in bed. It just seems like such a shame. And we're having the car looked at today, too, so I guess I'd be stuck at home anyway. Not that I mind. I like hanging out here, especially when no one's around, but even when people are around it's not so bad. It's nice having people around. ^.^()

I have the evil illness. It sucks. Although I feel O.K. right at this very minute. My nose is only slightly stuffed up (I can breathe with my mouth closed), and not runny at all. I don't have a headache, I only have the slightest body aches and pains, and frankly, I feel like I could get up and do some laundry. But I know if I do that I run the risk of running myself down even more. Day off, whole house all to myself, perfect weather ... sick. Phooey.

One nice thing about being sick: now I have someone who will take care of me. :) Yay! =)

By the way, I didn't create the Crunch Satisfaction character on CoH; I created it on CoV, using my husband's account. Hehe!! She is one of the sexiest toons out there, too!

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